Classmark by first letter

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Classmarks by library location

Level A Level B Level C Level D Level E Level F Offsite Archives & Special Collections Closed Access JMI

Where you see the note "[some exceptions]" for c. class marks, please check the 'class mark by first letter' list above for more specific location information. Per class mark periodicals located at the main library are located on level F in the mobile stacks as listed below. Per class mark periodicals held offsite are marked as such on the individual catalogue entry. For a few titles, post-1990 issues are held on level F as listed below with issues up to 1990 held offsite. Please check level

Level F Book stack numbers
c.154 60-61
c.235.y.21 40
c.850 62-64 [unless marked offsite. Some additional exceptions]
c Per 3-7 (up to and including C Per /405472) [unless marked offsite]
c Per 405,472 continued 41
DBC87/235553 [1964-2001] 43
DY 47-59
L UVL 65
L UVL 65
Pam UVL 65
Per 1-9 7-15
Per 10-19 15-19
Per 20-29 19-25
Per 30-39 25-29
Per 40-49 29-30
Per 50-59 30-32
Per 60-69 32-35
Per 70-79 35
Per 80-89 35-36
Per 90-99 36
Per 100-109 36
UVL 65