Classmark by first letter

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Classmarks by library location

Level A Level B Level C Level D Level E Level F Offsite Archives & Special Collections Closed Access JMI

Per class mark periodicals located at the main library are located on level F in the mobile stacks as listed below. Per class mark periodicals held offsite are marked as such on the individual catalogue entry. For a few titles, post-1990 issues are held on level F as listed below with issues up to 1990 held offsite. Please check level F in the first instance.

Classmark Library Location Book stack numbers
Per 1-9 Level F 7-15
Per 10-19 Level F 15-19
Per 20-29 Level F 19-25
Per 30-39 Level F 25-29
Per 40-49 Level F 29-30
Per 50-59 Level F 30-32
Per 60-69 Level F 32-35
Per 70-79 Level F 35
Per 80-89 Level F 35-36
Per 90-99 Level F 36
Per 100-109 Level F 36