Empires of vision : a reader

Level E A325.3 /761213 Available
Full title: Empires of vision : a reader / Martin Jay and Sumathi Ramaswamy, eds.
Other authors: Jay, Martin, 1944-
Ramaswamy, Sumathi.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • The walls of images / Serge Gruzinski
  • Painting as exploration : visualizing nature in eighteenth-century colonial science / Daniela Bleichmar
  • Indian yellow : making and breaking the imperial palette / Jordanna Bailkin
  • Colonial panaromania / Roger Benjamin
  • Objects of knowledge : oceanic artifacts in European engravings / Nicholas Thomas
  • Excess in the city? Consumption of imported prints in colonial Calcutta, c. 1780-c. 1795 / Natasha Eaton
  • Advertising and the optics of colonial power at the fin de siècle / David Ciarlo
  • Mapping plus ultra : cartography, space, and Hispanic modernity / Ricardo Padrcentn
  • Mapping an exotic world : the global project of Dutch cartography, circa 1700 / Benjamin Schmidt
  • Visual regimes of colonization : European and Aboriginal seeing in Australia / Terry Smith
  • The photography complex : exposing Boxer-era China (1900-1901), making civilization / James L. Hevia
  • Colonial theaters of proof : representation and laughter in the 1930s Rockefeller Foundation hygiene cinema in Java / Eric A. Stein
  • Colonialism and the built space of cinema / Brian Larkin
  • Speaking back to Orientalist discourse / Zeynep Çelik
  • Maps, mother/goddesses, and martyrdom in modern India / Sumathi Ramaswamy
  • Notes from the surface of the image : photography, postolonialism, and vernacular modernism / Christopher Pinney
  • "I am rendered speechless by your idea of beauty" : the picturesque in history and art in the postcolony / Krista A. Thompson
  • Fanon, Algeria, and the cinema : the politics of identification / Robert Stam
  • Creole Europe : the reflection of a reflection / Christopher Pinney
  • Picasso, Africa, and the schemata of difference / Simon Gikandi
  • Double Dutch and the culture game / Olu Oguibe.