Nigerian Pentecostalism

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Full title: Nigerian Pentecostalism / Nimi Wariboko.
Main author: Wariboko, Nimi, 1962- (Author)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Part 1.
  • Origins and spirituality of Nigerian Pentecostalism.
  • Sources of Nigerian pentecostalism
  • The spell of the invisible
  • Excremental visions in postcolonial Pentecostalism
  • Desire and disgust : ways of being for God
  • The Pentecostal self : from body to body politic
  • Part 2.
  • Ethical vision of Nigerian Pentecostal spirituality.
  • Politics: between ontology and spiritual warfare
  • Miracles, sovereignty, and community
  • Altersovereignty and virtue of Pentecostal friendship
  • Spirituality and the weight of blackness
  • "This neighbor cannot be loved!" : invisibility and nudity of the "Pentecostal other"
  • Pentecostalism and Nigerian society.