The making of a protest movement in Turkey : #occupygezi

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Full title: The making of a protest movement in Turkey : #occupygezi / edited by Umut Özkirimli, Lund University, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Sweden.
Other authors: Özkırımlı, Umut.
Format: Book           

Physical Description: xx, 154 pages ; 23 cm
Summary: "No one could have predicted that a peaceful sit-in to counter government plans to raze Istanbul's Gezi park would escalate into a country-wide protest movement, arguably the most serious political crisis Turkey, a country often hailed as a 'model' in the region, has faced in the last ten years. The protests left 8 dead, more than 8,000 wounded, and the country deeply polarized. Much ink has been spilled since June 2013 to explain the Gezi protests in the media, most of it based on hasty analogies and banal platitudes, referring to a 'Turkish spring'. Yet no academic analyses of the protests have been published so far and it is in this context that this collection of essays, the first academic book on the topic in English, is both timely and important. This collection offers a preliminary analysis of the Gezi protests and addresses the following key questions: 'How can we account for the protests?' 'Who were the protesters?' 'Why did the Justice and Development Party government choose to suppress the protests instead of meeting the demands of the protesters?' 'Were Gezi protests in any way connected to protest movements in other parts of the world?'." -- Book jacket.