Early Ibadī theology : six kalam texts

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Full title: Early Ibadī theology : six kalam texts / by ʻAbd Allah b. Yazid al-Fazari ; edited by Abdulrahman al-Salimi, Wilferd Madelung.
Main author: Fazārī, ʻAbd Allāh ibn Yazīd, active 767-775.
Other authors: Al-Salimi, Abdulrahman.
Madelung, Wilferd.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Contents (Arabic texts): 1. Kitāb al-Qadar (Book of Predetermination)
  • 2. Kitāb fī l-radd ʻalā Ibn ʻUmayr (Book on Refutation of Ibn ʻUmayr)
  • 3. Kitāb al-radd ʻalā al-Mujassima (Book of Refutation of the Corporalists)
  • 4. Kitāb al-Futyā (Book of Legal Opinion)
  • 5. Kitāb al-Tawhị̄d fī maʻrifat Allāh (Book of Monotheism in the Recognition of God)
  • 6. Kitāb fī man rajaʻa ʻan ʻilmih wa-fāraqa al-nabī wa-huwa ʻalā dīnih (Book about Whoever Reneges on his Knowledge and Departs from the Prophet while remaining in his Religion)
  • Indices (al-Fahāris).