Footloose labour : working in India's informal economy

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Full title: Footloose labour : working in India's informal economy / Jan Breman.
Main author: Breman, Jan.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • 1. Introduction. Micro-research within a macro-framework. The informal sector reconsidered. Global setting. Account of research and fieldwork. Composition of the study
  • 2. Changing profile of rural labour. Non-agrarian work identities in Chikhligam and Gandevigam. Out-migration for work. Sojourners. Seasonal migration
  • 3. Inflow of labour into south Gujarat. Urban order and economy. Industrial labour in the informal sector. Rotation in the urban work arena. Influx in the rural hinterland. Agrarian labour migrants in Gandevigam and Chikhligam
  • 4. Contact between demand and supply. Labour market in a state of flux. Mediation. The jobber-gang boss as labour broker. Debt bondage
  • 5. Quality of the labour process. Informal training for work. Use of technology. Working hours. Degradation in the labour process
  • 6. Mode of wage payment and secondary labour conditions. Wages. Payment. The principle of contracting and sub-contracting. Bondage. Secondary terms of employment
  • 7. State care for unregulated labour. Slow and differential access to formal sector employment. Regulations covering employment in the unprotected sector. Implementation. Unbinding labour
  • 8. Proletarian life and social consciousness. Adrift? Control and escape. Social struggle.
  • Inclusion and exclusion: widening circles of identification.