Tunisian women : we will stand up

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Full title: Tunisian women : we will stand up / a film by Hajer Ben Nasr.
Alternative titles: We Will Stand Up
Other authors: Bin Naṣr, Hājar, (Screenwriter)
Format: DVD           

Summary: "On December 18, 2010 Tunisians of all ages took the streets of Tunis to demand better living conditions and the end of President Ben Ali's repressive dictatorship, starting what would become the 2011 Tunisian Revolution and the Arab Spring. Among the demonstrators were seven Tunisian women activists, each one of these women celebrating the culmination of a life devoted to the fight for freedom and democracy in their country."--From container.
"TUNISIAN WOMEN offers an overview of Tunisia's contemporary history from the point of view of seven courageous women activists, from Tunisia's independence from France in 1956, to the oppressive regimes of Habib Bourguiba and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, to the 2011 Tunisian Revolution and the coalition government led by the Ennahda Islamic Party, and to the political murders of Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi in 2013. This documentary film features exclusive interviews with journalist and human rights activist Om Zied; political leader Maya Jribi; human rights lawyer Radhia Nasraoui; professor and writer Zeineb Cherni; lawyer and community activist Saida Garrach; singer Amel Hamrouni; and the President of the Association of Mothers of Victims of the Counterterrorism Law, Zeineb Chelbi. It also includes archival footage from Bourguiba's and Ben Ali's era, as well as reenactments of the Tunisian secret police surveillance and torture techniques. Winner of the Grand Prix at the Khouribga International Documentary Film Festival in Morocco, TUNISIAN WOMEN is a powerful record of the work of women activist in Tunisia and a celebration of Tunisia's extraordinary history of activism and resistance against authoritarian rule since the 1970s. ".
Other authors: Bin Naṣr, Hājar, (Screenwriter)
Language: Arabic
Published: New York, NY : Third World Newsreel, 2013.
Classmark: MDVD /9613
Production Credits: Directed by Hajer Ben Nasr ; produced by Nasr Art Production ; produced by Firas Rebii ; scenario, Hajer Ben Nasr ; director of photography, Amen Gharbi ; editor, Amor Kerkeni.