Music in antiquity : the Near East and the Mediterranean

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Full title: Music in antiquity : the Near East and the Mediterranean / edited by Joan Goodnick-Westenholz, Yossi Maurey, Edwin Seroussi.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Contents: A brief account of the development of the field of music archaeology / Anne Draffkorn Kilmer
  • The Mesopotamian theory of music and the Ugarit notation — a reexamination / Bathja Bayer
  • Mesopotamian music theory since 1977 / Anne Draffkorn Kilmer
  • Sounds from the Divine: religious musical instruments in the Ancient Near East / Dahlia Shehata
  • The Balaĝ instrument and its role in the cult of ancient Mesopotamia / Uri Gabbay
  • The Ala-instrument: its identification and role / Sam Mirelman
  • Musical practices and instruments in late Bronze Age Ugarit (Syria) / Annie Caubet
  • Nudity and music in Anatolian mythological seduction scenes and iconographic imagery / Ora Brison
  • Illusions of grandeur: the instruments of Daniel 3 reconsidered / Michael Lesley
  • Greek Epic and Kypriaka: why 2Cyprus matters" / John Curtis Franklin
  • Aristophanes' Phrynichos and the orientalizing musical pattern / Mariella De Simone
  • Aspects of music culture in the Land of Israel during the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods: Sepphoris as a case study / Mira Waner
  • Soothing lyres and epodai: music therapy and the cases of Orpheus, Empedocles and David / Antonietta Provenza
  • Sounds from under the ashes: the music of cults and Mysteries in the ancient Vesuvian Land / Roberto Melini
  • Ancient music in the modern classroom / Yossi Maurey