Scriptural polemics : the Qur'an and other religions

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Full title: Scriptural polemics : the Qur'an and other religions / Mun'im Sirry.
Main author: Sirry, Mun'im A., 1971-
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Contents: The Qur'an and modern tafsir
  • Islamic reform, tafsir, and religious diversity
  • Reformist Muslim approach to medieval Qur'an commentaries
  • Towards understanding the Qur'an's polemical texts
  • The Qur'an and its polemical context
  • The ambiguity of Qur'anic criticisms
  • Is the Qur'an supersessionist?
  • Contesting the theology of exclusivist salvation
  • al-Islam as the only true path to salvation
  • Between inclusive and exclusive Islam
  • Re-interpreting the superiority of Islam
  • The falsification of Jewish and Christian scriptures
  • The charge of scriptural distortion
  • The concealment of truth
  • Between twisting the tongues and writing the book with hands
  • Qur'anic denials of sonship, human-divinity and trinity
  • ''Son of God''
  • The divine nature of Jesus
  • Trinitarian doctrine
  • Inter-religious restrictions and engagements
  • A. treatment of non-Muslim dhimmis
  • Griendship with the unbelievers
  • Obstacles to inter-religious relations.