Oral history off the record : toward an ethnography of practice

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Full title: Oral history off the record : toward an ethnography of practice / edited by Anna Sheftel and Stacey Zembrzycki ; foreword by Steven High ; afterword by Alessandro Portelli.
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Table of Contents:
  • Reflections on a lifetime of listening / Henry Greenspan
  • From California to Kufr Nameh and back: reflections on forty years of feminist oral history / Sherna Berger Gluck
  • "On" and "off" the record in shifting times and circumstances / Julie Cruikshank and Tatiana Argounova-Low
  • Politics and praxis in Canadian working-class oral history / Joan Sangster
  • Encounters in vulnerability, familiarity, and friendship / Hourig Attarian
  • The vulnerable listener / Martha Norkunas
  • Listen and learn: familiarity and feeling in the oral history interview / Alan Wong
  • Going places: helping youth with refugee experiences take their stories public / Elizabeth Miller
  • Not just another interviewee: befriending a Holocaust survivor / Stacey Zembrzycki
  • The intersection of ethics and politics / Leyla Neyzi
  • I can hear Lois now: corrections to my story of the internment of Japanese Canadians
  • "for the record" / Pamela Sugiman
  • Third parties in "third spaces": reflecting on the role of the translator in oral history interviews with Iraqi diasporic women / Nadia Jones-Gailani
  • "If you'd told me you wanted to talk about the '60s, I wouldn't have called you back": reflections on collective memory and the practice of oral history / Nancy Janovicek
  • The ethical murk of using testimony in oral historical research in South Africa / Monica Eileen Patterson
  • Considering silence / Erin Jessee
  • Toward an ethics of silence: negotiating off-the-record events and identity in oral history / Alexander Freund
  • The heart of activism in Colombia: reflections on activism and oral history research in a conflict area / Luis van Isschot
  • "I don't fancy history very much": reflections on interviewee recruitment and refusal in Bosnia-Herzegovina / Anna Sheftel.