Alternative Islamic discourses and religious authority

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Full title: Alternative Islamic discourses and religious authority / edited by Carool Kersten and Susanne Olsson.
Other authors: Kersten, Carool.
Olsson, Susanne.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: alternative Islamic discourses and religious authority / Carool Kersten and Susanne Olsson
  • Ijtihad and the derivation of new jurisprudence in contemporary shiʻism: the rulings of Ayatollah Bujnurdi / Liyakat Takim
  • Judicial and rational challenges of the jurist's rule / Mohammad Fazlhashemi
  • Muslims' perception of Fethullah Gülen and the Hizmet Movement: accommodating or hindering modern Turkey? / Zeki Saritoprak
  • A Turkish mahdi? Apocalypticism in Harun Yahya's daʻwa enterprise / Anne Ross Solberg
  • ʻAmr Khaled on individual proactivity / Susanne Olsson
  • Harmonious being: a space for an alternative way of exploring religion / Abdullah Hamidaddin
  • Islamic post-traditionalism: revisiting tradition and the future of Islam in Indonesia
  • Carool kersten
  • Women's agency in transforming religious discourse: gender-sensitive interpretations of Islam in Indonesia / Ann Kull
  • Treading a dangerous path? the use of Islam in women's rights advocacy / Nida Kirmani.