The history of Central Asia

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Full title: The history of Central Asia / Christoph Baumer.
Main author: Baumer, Christoph, (Author)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Vol. 1. The age of the Steppe Warriors
  • Vol. 2. The age of the Silk Roads
  • Vol. 3. The age of Islam and the Mongols
  • Vol.4.The age of decline and revival.
  • Volume 1. Geography, climate and prehuman history of Central Asia
  • The settlement of Central Asia in the Palaeolithic
  • A global climatic warming ushers in the Mesolithic
  • The economic revolution of the Neolithic
  • The Chalcolithic and the Early Bronze Age
  • The Middle and Late Bronze Age
  • The Iron Age
  • Greeks in Central Asia
  • Outlook
  • Appendix. The most important prehistoric and early historic cultures of Central Asia.
  • Volume 2. Early empires and kingdoms in East Central Asia
  • Early Buddhism in Central Asia and the Gandhara School
  • The migration of Hunnic peoples to Northern China, Central Asia and Eastern Europe
  • The kingdoms of the Tarim Basin and their schools of Buddhist art
  • The first Turkic Khaganate
  • Turkic kingdoms of Eastern Europe
  • The Sogdians
  • The second Turkic Khaganate and the Türgesh
  • China, Tibet and the Arabs : the struggle for supremacy in Central Asia
  • The Uyghurs
  • Outlook
  • Appendix. The most important dynasties and rulers of Central Asia.
  • Volume 3. Iranian-Muslim dynasties in South-West Central Asia
  • Central Asian pioneers of Islamic philosophy and sciences
  • The second Turkic migrations to the West
  • Turco-Muslim dynasties in Southern Central Asia
  • Buddhist states of the Liao, Qara Khitai and Tanguts
  • The rise of the Mongols
  • The united Mongol Empire
  • The Independent Mongol Khanates
  • Timur-e Lang and the Timurids
  • Outlook
  • Appendices. A. The most important denominations of Islam and early Muslim dynasties outside Central Asia
  • B. The most important dynasties of Central Asia from the ninth to the early sixteenth centuries.
  • Volume 4. The descendants of the Genghis Khanids
  • The descendants of the Timurids: the dynasty of the Mughal in India and Afghanistan
  • A reorganisation of geography: North Central Asia becomes a periphery
  • Afghanistan until 1837 and the Khanates of Central Asia until the Russian Conquest
  • The 'Great Game': Central Asia as a pivot of Russian and British expansion policy
  • The drive for sovereignty - Central Asia between the World Wars
  • A multilateral Great Game in Afghanistan, 1978-92
  • Afghanistan forces the three major powers to engage in a joint struggle against Islamic extremism
  • The new independence of Central Asian states
  • Outlook