Fashion cultures : theories, explorations and analysis

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Full title: Fashion cultures : theories, explorations and analysis / ed. by Stella Bruzzi and Pamela Church Gibson.
Other authors: Bruzzi, Stella.
Gibson, Pamela Church.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Part 1: Shopping, spaces and selling. Urban outfitting: the city and the spaces of fashion culture / David Gilbert
  • Fashioning new forms of consumption: the case of Paul Smith / Louise Crewe and Alison Goodrum
  • Be our brand: fashion and personalization on the web / Sarah Berry
  • Visual seduction and perverse compliance: reviewing food fantasies, large appetites and grotesque bodies / Lorraine Gamman
  • "No one expects me anywhere": invisible women, ageing and the fashion industry / Pamela Church Gibson.
  • Part 2: Catwalk and after. Yesterday's emblems and tomorrow's commondities: the return of the repressed in fashion imagery today / Caroline Evans
  • Catwalk politics / Nathalie Khan
  • On the move: fashion photography and the single girl in the 1960s / Hilary Radner
  • Escaping to reality: fashion photography in the 1990s / Elliott Smedley.
  • Part 3: Images, icons and impulses. On wearing the film: Madam Satan (1930) / Jane M. Gaines
  • Bombay ishtyle / Rachel Dwyer
  • Making up the truth: on lies, lipstick and Friedrich Nietzsche / Catherine Constable
  • Cary Grant / Edward Buscombe
  • Grace Kelly / Stella Bruzzi
  • Undressing the Latin lover: Marcello Mastroianni, fashion and La dolce vita / Jacqueline Reich
  • The dandy laid bare: embodying practices and fashion for men / Christopher Breward
  • Darcy's escape: an icon in the making / Sarah Cardwell
  • Gwyneth Paltrow / Sarah Gilligan.
  • Part 4: Spectacle and subculture. Fashion as a culture industry / Angela McRobbie
  • Rock, fashion and performativity / Noel McLaughlin
  • The Italian job: football, fashion and that sarong / Stella Bruzzi
  • "My man, let me pull your coat to something": Malcolm X / Carol Tulloch
  • Performing masculinities: dandyism and male fashion in 1960s-70s British cinema / Moya Luckett.
  • Part 5: Modes and methodologies. Flash trash: Gianni Versace and the theory and practice of glamour / Rʹeka C.V. Buckley and Stephen Gundle
  • Redressing the balance: patriarchy, postmodernism and feminism / Pamela Church Gibson
  • "I know nothing about fashion: there's no point in interviewing me": the use and value of oral hstory to the fashion hstorian / Clare Lomas
  • Museums as fashion media / Fiona Anderson.