Chinese politics and government : power, ideology and organization

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Full title: Chinese politics and government : power, ideology and organization / Sujian Guo.
Other authors: Guo, Sujian, 1957-.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Chinese politics in comparative communist systems
  • Theoretical models for studying Chinese politics
  • Shaping forces of Chinese state making, political culture, and political tradition
  • Traditional Chinese culture and confucianism
  • The collapse of imperial state and the communist road to power
  • The making of communist new state and the post-Mao transition
  • Marxism-Leninism and Chinese political ideology
  • Ideological modifications in post-Mao China
  • Political institutions
  • The party-state structure of Chinese government
  • Political development in post-Mao China
  • The Chinese legal and legislative systems
  • Legal and legislative reforms in post-Mao China
  • Chinese social structure and state-society relations
  • Social changes and state-society relations in post-Mao China
  • State socialism and Chinese communist economy
  • Market socialism and economic transition in post-Mao China
  • Chinese foreign policy making
  • US-China relations in transformation.