Genocide : a normative account

Level E A304.663 /733839 REPRTD-MISSING
Full title: Genocide : a normative account / Larry May.
Main author: May, Larry.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction : problems of genocide
  • The nature and value of groups. Nominalism and the constituents of groups
  • Identifying groups in genocide cases
  • The harm of genocide. Harm to a group itself
  • Harms to identity and status of a group's members
  • Elements of genocide. Genocidal acts : destroying groups in whole or in part
  • Collective and individual intent
  • Motive and destruction of a group "as such"
  • Responsibility for genocide. Complicity and the Rwandan genocide
  • Incitement to genocide and the Rwanda media case
  • Instigating, planning, and intending genocide in Rwanda
  • Special problems of genocide. Genocide and humanitarian intervention
  • Reconciliation, criminal trials, and genocide.