Exploring the Longue Durée : essays in honor of Lawrence E. Stager

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Full title: Exploring the Longue Durée : essays in honor of Lawrence E. Stager / edited by J. David Schloen.
Other authors: Schloen, J. David, 1962-
Stager, Lawrence E.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Lawrence Stager and biblical archaeology / J. David Schloen
  • Solomon's patrimonial kingdom : a view from the land of Gilead / Tristan J. Barako
  • The dolphin jug : a typological and chronological assessment / Manfred Bietak and Karin Kopetzky
  • Assyrians abet Israelite cultic reforms : Sennacherib and the centralization of the Israelite cult / Elizabeth Bloch-Smith
  • "Those who add house to house" : household archaeology and the use of domestic space in an iron II residential compound at Tell en-Nasḅeh / Aaron J. Brody
  • More light on old reliefs : new kingdom Egyptian siege tactics and Asiatic resistance / Aaron A. Burke
  • Cores, peripheries, and ports of power : theories of Canaanite development in the early second Millennium B.C.E. / Susan L. Cohen
  • The social worlds of the book of Job / Michael D. Coogan
  • Telltale remnants of oral epic in the older sources of the Tetrateuch : double and triple proper names in early Hebrew sources and in Homeric and Ugaritic epic poetry / Frank Moore Cross
  • Merenptah's "Israel," the Bible's, and ours / William G. Dever
  • Linchpins revisited / Trude Dothan and Alexandra S. Drenka
  • Cities, villages, and farmsteads : the landscape of Leviticus 25:29-31 / Avraham Faust
  • Destructions : Megiddo as a case study / Israel Finkelstein
  • The late Iron Age II incense altars from Ashkelon / Seymour Gitin
  • Palmachim-Givʻat Haʼesev : a navigational landmark for ancient mariners? / Ram Gophna and Shmuel Liphschitz
  • Wine for the elite, oil for the masses : some aspects of early agricultural technology in Cyprus / Sophocles Hadjisavvas
  • The dawn of an age : Megiddo in the Iron Age I / Baruch Halpern
  • Compositional techniques in the book of Haggai / Paul D. Hanson
  • Lifting the veil on a "dark age" : Taʻyinat and the North Orontes Valley during the early Iron Age / Timothy P. Harrison
  • Other Edens / Ronald Hendel
  • The house of the Father at Iron I Tall al-ʻUmayri, Jordan / Larry G. Herr
  • Israel's ancestors were not nomads / Theodore Hiebert
  • How much is that in ...? : monetization, money, royal states, and empires / John S. Holladay
  • The Levitical diaspora (I) : a sociological comparison with Morocco's Ahansal / Jeremy M. Hutton
  • A Cypriot workshop of middle Bronze Age Askoi / Vassos Karageorghis
  • Slavery in antiquity / Philip J. King
  • Ethnic identity in biblical Edom, Israel, and Midian : some insights from mortuary contexts in the lowlands of Edom / Thomas E. Levy
  • A reconstruction of Achaemenid-period Ashkelon based on the faunal evidence / David Lipovitch
  • Hazael, Birhadad, and the hrṣ ̣/ Aren M. Maeir
  • Divination at Ebla during the Old Syrian Period : the archaeological evidence / Nicolò Marchetti
  • Egyptian fingerprints at Late Bronze Age Ashkelon : Egyptian-style beer jars / Mario A.S. Martin
  • From the Buqêʻah to Ashkelon / Daniel M. Master
  • The Iron Age dwellings at Tell Qasile / Amihai Mazar
  • The armor of Goliath / Alan Millard
  • Facts or factoids? : some historical observations on the trophy inscription from Kition (KAI 288) / Paul G. Mosca
  • Ashkelon under the Assyrian Empire / Nadav Naʼaman
  • The built tombs on the Spring Hill and the Palace of the Lords of Jericho (ʻd̲mr rḫʻ) in the Middle Bronze Age / Lorenzo Nigro
  • A new join of fragments of the Baal cycle / Dennis Pardee
  • L'inscription phénicienne du pithos d'Amathonte et son contexte / Émile Puech
  • A fragmentary tablet from Tel Aphek with unknown script / Itamar Singer
  • Camels in Ur III Babylonia? / Piotr Steinkeller
  • A Persian-period hoard of bullae from Samaria / Ephraim Stern
  • Trade and power in Late Bronze Age Canaan / Michael Sugerman
  • East of Ashkelon : the setting and settling of the Judean lowlands in the Iron Age IIA / Ron E. Tappy
  • The books of the Hebrew Bible as material artifacts / Karel van der Toorn
  • The Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the First Temple period : an archaeologist's view / David Ussishkin
  • The Israelite mišpāhậ, the priestly writings, and changing valences in Israel's kinship terminology / David S. Vanderhooft
  • Two new Hellenistic lead weights of the Tanit series / Samuel R. Wolff and Gerald Finkielsztejn
  • Behavioral patterns in transition : eleventh-century B.D.E. innovation in domestic textile production / Assaf Yasur-Landau
  • Bedhat esh-Shaʻab : an Iron Age I enclosure in the Jordan valley / Adam Zertal and Dror Ben-Yosef.