Human rights in international investment law and arbitration

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Full title: Human rights in international investment law and arbitration / edited by P.M. Dupuy, F. Francioni, and E.U. Petersmann.
Other authors: Dupuy, Pierre-Marie.
Francioni, Francesco.
Petersmann, Ernst-Ulrich.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction and summary : 'administration of justice' in international investment law and adjudication? / E.U. Petersmann
  • Unification rather than fragmentation of international law? : the case of international investment law and human rights law / P.M. Dupuy
  • Access to justice, denial of justice, and international investment law / F. Francioni
  • Human rights and international investment arbitration / C. Reiner and C. Schreuer
  • Investment tribunals and human rights : divergent paths / M. Hirsch
  • Limits of commercial investor-state arbitration : the need for appellate review / J. Werner
  • Transnational investment arbitration : from delegation to constitutionalization? / A. Stone Sweet and F. Grisel
  • Constitutional theories of international economic adjudication and investor-state arbitration / E.U. Petersmann
  • Balancing of economic law and human rights by the European Court of Justice / B. De Witte
  • Economic and non-economic values in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights / P. De Sena
  • Is the European Court of Human Rights an alternative to investor-state arbitration? / U. Kriebaum
  • Balancing of human rights and investment law in the inter-American system of human rights / P. Nikken
  • Balancing property rights and human rights in expropriation / J. Waincymer
  • The fair and equitable treatment standard and human rights norms / I. Knoll-Tudor
  • Non-discriminatory treatment in investment disputes / F. Ortino.
  • Implementing human rights in the NAFTA regime : the potential of a pending case : Glamis Corp v USA / J. Cantegreil
  • Human rights arguments in amicus curiae submissions : promoting social justice? / J. Harrison
  • 'Proportional' by what measure(s)? : balancing investor interests and human rights by way of applying the proportionality principle in investor-state arbitration / J. Krommendijk and J. Morijn
  • Reconciling public health and investor rights : the case of tobacco / V. Sara Vadi
  • The human right to water versus investor rights : double-dilemma or pseudo-conflict? / P. Thielbörger
  • Human rights dimensions of corporate environmental accountability / E. Morgera
  • Environmental rights, sustainable development, and investor-state case law : a critical appraisal / R. Pavoni
  • The relevance of non-investment treaty obligations in assessing compensation / L. Liberti
  • EU free trade agreements : an alternative model for addressing human rights in foreign investment regulation and dispute settlement? / A. Dimopoulos..