The Second Crusade : extending the frontiers of Christendom

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Full title: The Second Crusade : extending the frontiers of Christendom / Jonathan Phillips.
Main author: Phillips, Jonathan
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abbreviations
  • List of maps
  • List of illustrations
  • Prologue: Fall of Edessa, December 1144
  • Introduction
  • 1: Ongoing contact between the Latin East and the West and the development of crusading, 1099-1145
  • 2: Legacy of the first crusade in writing, reputations and architecture
  • 3: Quantum praedecessores: the crusade appeal of Pope Eugenius III: context and content
  • 4: Launch of the second crusade : Bourges, Vezelay and the preaching message of Bernard of Clairvaux
  • 5: Bernard's preaching tour to Flanders and Germany: the attacks on the Jews and the recruitment of King Conrad III
  • 6: People, practicalities and motivation
  • 7: Final preparations of Louis and Conrad: diplomacy, regency and ceremonial
  • 8: Conquest of Lisbon
  • 9: Conrad's march to Constantinople and into Asia Minor
  • 10: March of Louis VII to Constantinople and into Asia Minor
  • 11: Crusade at Antioch and the siege of Damascus
  • 12: Wendish Crusade
  • 13: Crusading in Iberia: Almeria, Jaen, Tortosa, and Lerida
  • 14: Aftermath of the second crusade in the Holy Land and the West
  • Appendix 1: Translation of Quantum praedecessores
  • Appendix 2: Translation of Chevalier, mult estes guariz
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index.