Gaining ground : "rights" and "property" in South African land reform

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Full title: Gaining ground : "rights" and "property" in South African land reform / Deborah James.
Main author: James, Deborah, Dr.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • 'Rights' or 'property'?
  • State, society, the law and the landless in South Africa
  • 'A sentimental attachment to the neighbourhood'
  • Expanding restitution : the question of informal rights
  • Challenging restitution : African owners, African tenants, and the politics of land reform
  • 'To take back the land' : labour tenancy and the landless peoples' movement
  • Between public and private : new property models
  • Rights, welfare or the market? the new redistribution
  • Land, power and people : chiefs, brokers and intermediaries
  • White power, black redress : the racial politics of land reform
  • Conclusion.