Bring 'em on : media and politics in the Iraq war

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Full title: Bring 'em on : media and politics in the Iraq war / edited by Lee Artz and Yahya R. Kamalipour.
Alternative titles: Media and politics in the Iraq war
Other authors: Artz, Lee.
Kamalipour, Yahya R.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Political legitimacy, cultural leadership, and public action / Lee Artz
  • Banal militarism and the culture of war / Tanja Thomas and Fabian Virchow
  • National security strategy and the ideology of preventive war / Elisia L. Cohen
  • Foreign policy, public diplomacy, and public relations : selling America to the world / Sue Curry Jansen
  • The problem with patriotism : steps toward the redemption of American journalism and democracy / Robert Jensen
  • Culture as persuasion : metaphor as weapon / William B. Hart II and Fran Hassencahl
  • The invisible ally : marketing Australia's war in Iraq / Andrew Jakubowicz and Liz Jacka
  • The construction of Arabs as enemies : post-9/11 discourse of George W. Bush / Debra Merskin
  • The political rhetoric of sacrifice and heroism and U.S. military intervention / Timothy Cole
  • "The great American bubble :" Fox News channel, the "mirage" of objectivity and the isolation of American public opinion / Adel Iskandar
  • Pre-emptive strikes on the cultural front : big radio, the Dixie Chicks, and homeland insecurity / Matthew A. Killmeier
  • The mass media, politics, and warfare / Christian Fuchs
  • Might makes right : news reportage as discursive weapon in the war in Iraq / Michael Gasher
  • Journalists embedded in culture : war stories as political strategy / Heinz Brandenburg
  • The power of public reporting : the independent media center's challenge to corporate media / Lisa Brooten.