Memory, history, forgetting

Level E A128.3 /949146 Available
Level E A128.3 /949146 Available
Full title: Memory, history, forgetting / Paul Ricoeur ; translated by Kathleen Blamey and David Pellauer.
Alternative titles: Mémoire, l'histoire, l'oubli. English
Main author: Ricœur, Paul.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • On Memory and Recollection
  • Memory and Imagination
  • The Exercise of Memory: Uses and Abuses
  • Personal Memory, Collective Memory
  • History, Epistemology
  • History: Remedy or Poison?
  • The Documentary Phase: Archived Memory
  • Explanation/Understanding
  • The Historian's Representation
  • The Historical Condition
  • The Burden of History and the Nonhistorical
  • The Critical Philosophy of History
  • History and Time
  • Forgetting
  • Difficult Forgiveness
  • The Forgiveness Equation
  • The Odyssey of the Spirit of Forgiveness: The Passage through Institutions
  • The Odyssey of the Spirit of Forgiveness: The Stage of Exchange
  • The Return to the Self
  • Looking Back over an Itinerary: Recapitulation.