Order, legitimacy, and wealth in ancient states

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Full title: Order, legitimacy, and wealth in ancient states / edited by Janet Richards and Mary Van Buren.
Other authors: Richards, Janet E.
Van Buren, Mary.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: ideology, wealth, and the comparative study of "civilizations" / Mary Van Buren, Janet Richards
  • Order, legitimacy, and wealth: setting the terms / John Baines, Norman Yoffe
  • Society and individual in early Egypt / David O'Conner
  • Modified order, responsive legitimacy, redistributed wealth: Egypt 2260-1650 BC / Janet Richards
  • Law courts and the mediation of social conflict in ancient Mesopotamia / Norman Yoffee
  • High culture, Mesoamerican civilization, and the classic Maya tradition / Rosemary A. Joyce
  • Political fragmentation and ideological continuity in the Andean highlands / Mary Van Buren
  • Wealth and socioeconomic hierarchies of the Indus Valley civilization / Jonathan Mark Kenoyer
  • Classical order, alternative orders, and the uses of nostalgia / Susan E. Alcock
  • Order, legitimacy, and wealth in ancient China / Bennet Bronson
  • The politics of high culture: issues of worth and rank / Elizabeth M. Brumfiel.