Web.studies : rewiring media studies for the digital age

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Full title: Web.studies : rewiring media studies for the digital age / edited by David Gauntlett.
Other authors: Gauntlett, David.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Web studies: a user's guide / David Gauntlett
  • Looking backwards, looking forwards: cyberculture studies, 1990-2000 / David Silver
  • New media, new methodologies: studying the Web / Nina Wakeford
  • A home on the Web: presentations of self on personal homepages / Charles Cheung
  • I-love-Xena.com: creating online fan communities / Kirsten Pullen
  • Artists' Websites: declarations of identity and presentations of self / Eva Pariser
  • Webcam women: life on your screen / Donald Snyder
  • Queer 'n' Asian on, and off, the Net: the role of cyberspace in queer Taiwan and Korea / Chris Berry and Fran Martin
  • The Web goes to the pictures / David Gauntlett
  • The Teacher review debate: Part I: Just what the Internet was made for / Ryan Lathouwers and Amy Happ ; Part II: The dark side of the Internet / Daniel Curzon-Brown
  • Bad Web design: the Internet's real addiction problem / David Rieder
  • Pay per browse? the Web's commercial futures / Gerard Goggin
  • Search engines, portals, and global capitalism / Vincent Miller
  • Pornography on the Web / JoAnn di Filippo
  • Fascination: the modern allure of the Internet / Christopher R. Smit
  • The BBC goes online: public service broadcasting in the new media age / Richard Naylor, Stephen Driver, and James Cornford
  • World wide women and the Web / Wendy Harcourt
  • The Internet and democracy / Stephen Lax
  • Community development in the cybersociety of the future / Howard Rheingold
  • The Indian diaspora in the USA and around the Web / Madhavi Mallapragada
  • The Cherokee Indians and the Internet / Ellen L. Arnold and Darcy C. Plymire
  • The World Wide Web goes to war, Kosovo 1999 / Philip M. Taylor
  • New ways to break the law: cybercrime and the politics of hacking / Douglas Thomas
  • The future: faster, smaller, more, more, more / David Gauntlett.