The blunder : a novel

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Full title: The blunder : a novel / Mutt-Lon ; translated by Amy B. Reid.
Alternative titles: Les 700 aveugles de Bafia. English
Main author: Mutt-Lon, 1973- (Author)
Format: Book           

Summary: Cameroon, 1929. As colonial powers fight for influence in Africa, French military surgeon Eugène Jamot is dispatched to Cameroon to lead the fight against sleeping sickness there. But despite his humanitarian intentions, the worst comes to pass: seven hundred local villagers are left blind as a result of medical malpractice by a doctor under Jamot's watch. Damienne Bourdin, a young white woman, ventures to Cameroon to assist in the treatment effort. Reeling from the loss of her child, she's desperate to redeem herself and save her reputation. But the tides of rebellion are churning in Cameroon, and soon after Damienne's arrival, she is enlisted in a wild plot to staunch the damage caused by the blunder and forestall tribal warfare. Together with Ndongo, a Pygmy guide, she must cross the country on foot in search of Edoa, a Cameroonian princess and nurse who has gone missing since the medical blunder was discovered. As Damienne races through the Cameroonian forest on a farcical adventure that unsettles her sense of France's "civilizing mission," she begins to question her initial sense of who needed saving and who would save the day.
Language: English
Published: Seattle : Amazon Crossing, [2022].
Classmark: WC840MUT /547992
ISBN: 1542037875