A history of Alexander the Great in world culture

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Full title: A history of Alexander the Great in world culture / edited by Richard Stoneman, University of Exeter.
Main author: Stoneman, Richard, (Author)
Format: eBook           
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: Greek and Roman Formations, and new prospects / Richard Stoneman
  • Alexander and Alexandria in Life and Legend / Dorothy Thompson
  • The image of Alexander in ancient Art. Olga / Palagia
  • Alexander, Philosophy and Rome: A Trajanic Moment / Sulochana Asirvatham
  • Christianizing Alexander Traditions in Late Antiquity / Christian Djurslev
  • Alexander in Ancient Jewish Literature / Ory Amitay
  • The Medieval Alexander: Art and Politics / Maud Perez-Simon
  • Alexander the Great and the Crusades / Mark Cruse
  • The Slavic Alexander / Susana Torres Prieto
  • Alexander the Great in Byzantine Tradition, 330-1453 AD / Anthony Kaldellis
  • The Spanish Alexander: A Figure of Praise and Blame / Rich Rabone
  • The Persian Alexander (1): The Royal Alexander / Haila Manteghi
  • The Persian Alexander (2): Amir Khusraw and the Philosophical View of Alexander / Richard Stoneman
  • Alexander in Medieval Arab Minds / Faustina Doufikar-Aerts
  • Alexander in the Age of Shakespeare: the plays of Sir William Alexander / Richard Stoneman
  • Alexander the Great in Opera / Jon Solomon
  • Alexander in the Long Eighteenth Century (ca. 1660-1830) / Pierre Briant
  • Images of Alexander in Germany: Hero, Explorer of New Spaces, Cosmopolitanist and Champion of the West / Josef Wiesehöfer
  • Alexander the Gay and the Gloryhole that was Greece / Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones and Shaun Tougher.