China's 40 years of reform and development : 1978-2018

Full title: China's 40 years of reform and development : 1978-2018 / edited by Ross Garnaut, Ligang Song and Cai Fang.
Corporate Authors: Australian National University Press.
Other authors: Garnaut, Ross, (Editor)
Song, Ligang, (Editor)
Cai, Fang, (Editor)
Format: eBook           
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. 40 years of China's reform and development: How reform captured China's demographic dividend / Cai Fang, Ross Garnaut and Ligang Song
  • Part I: The Chinese economic transformation. 2. 40 years of Chinese economic reform and development and the challenge of 50 / Ross Garnaut
  • 3. Reflections on 40 years of China's reforms / Bert Hofman
  • 4. GDP and the new concept of development: Understanding China's changing concept of development in regards to GDP after the reform and opening-up / Wei Liu
  • 5. The political economy causes of China's economic success / Yang Yao
  • 6. China's economic transformation / Gregory C. Chow
  • 7. Reform and development strategy / Justin Yifu Lin and Zhongkai Shen
  • 8. The complex task of evaluating China's economic reforms / Dwight H. Perkins
  • 9. Decentralisation, local innovation and competition among cities / David Dollar
  • Part II: Macroeconomic development and structural adjustments. 10. China's macroeconomics in the 40 years of reform / Xiaolu Wang
  • 11. China's economic rebalancing: Drivers, outlook and the role of reform / Guonan Ma, Ivan Roberts and Gerard Kelly
  • 12. China's price liberalisation and market reform: A historical perspective / Zhang Jun
  • 13. How has the Chinese economy capitalised on the demographic dividend during the reform period? / Cai Fang
  • 14. Marketisation in China from 1997 to 2014: Achievements and contribution to growth / Fan Gang, Guangrong Ma and Xiaolu Wang
  • 15. An update on fiscal reform / Christine Wong
  • 16. 'Strong on quantity, weak on quality': China's financial reform between 1978 and 2018 / Yiping Huang and Xun Wang
  • 17. The reform of China's exchange rate regime / Yongding Yu
  • 18. Private sector development / Nicholas Lardy
  • 19. State-owned enterprise reform in China: Past, present and prospects / Ligang Song
  • 20. State enterprise reform today / Barry Naughton
  • Part III: The development experiences. 21. Rural-to-urban migration and migrants' labour market performance, 2008-2016 / Bob Gregory and Xin Meng
  • 22. The structure of and changes to China's land system / Shouying Liu
  • 23. New urbanisation in China: A multidimensional perspective - Empirical analysis of 289 prefecture and higher-level cities / Biliang Hu and Kunling Zhang
  • 24. China's 40 years of agricultural development and reform / Jikun Huang and Scott Rozelle
  • Part IV: Energy and climate change. 25. Energy price reform in China / ZhongXiang Zhang
  • 26. The evolution and transformation of China's climate change response strategy: From preventing 'black swan' events to reducing 'grey rhino' risks / Jiahua Pan
  • Part V: Trade, investment and global integration. 27. China and the global trading system: Then and now / Peter Drysdale and Samuel Hardwick
  • 28. China's foreign trade: Reform, performance and contribution to economic growth / Kunwang Li and Wei Jiang
  • 29. The liberalisation of FDI policies and the impacts of FDI on China's economic development / Chunlai Chen
  • 30. Outward direct investment: Restricted, relaxed and regulated stages of development / Bijun Wang and Kailin Gao
  • 31. A US perspective on China's external economic disputes in the past 40 years and in the coming 40 years / Wing Thye Woo.