Contemporary Kazakh literature. Prose.

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Full title: Contemporary Kazakh literature. Prose.
Alternative titles: Contemporary Kazakh literature.
Corporate Authors: Kazakhstan. Mădeniet, aqparat zhăne sport ministrlīgī, (commissioning body.)
Format: Book           

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245 0 0 |a Contemporary Kazakh literature.  |p Prose. 
246 1 5 |a Contemporary Kazakh literature.  |p Prose anthology 
246 3 |a Prose 
264 1 |6 880-01  |a Kazakhstan :  |b Ūlttyq audarmalar bi︠u︡rosynyn︠g︡ qoghamdyq qory (Public Foundation National Bureau of Translations) ;  |a [Cambridge, England] :  |b Cambridge University Press,  |c 2019. 
264 4 |c ©2019. 
300 |a xiv, 614 pages :  |b portraits ;  |c 24 cm 
336 |a text  |b txt  |2 rdacontent 
337 |a unmediated  |b n  |2 rdamedia 
338 |a volume  |b nc  |2 rdacarrier 
500 |a "Commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan"--Title page verso. 
546 |a In English translated from Kazakh and Russian original texts. 
500 |a Translated from the original Kazakh language. 
520 |a Kazakhstan has an incredibly rich and deep literary heritage, from folk tales of the steppe to epic poems and from ajtys narrative singing to modernist short stories and novels. But until now, readers in English have been denied the opportunity to access the great trove of Kazakh literature, as it remained largely untranslated. As such, this anthology represents a new epoch, in which a range of Kazakh literary voices from the 20th century can be discovered and appreciated by readers the world over. It is one of the many exciting products of President Nazarbayev's 'Ryhani Jangyry' initiative, an ambitious program to revive, modernize and internationalize the Kazakh cultural sector, while burnishing the best of Kazakh heritage and national identity. These short stories and novellas vividly conjure life in the auyls -- the famous Kazakh steppe villages -- with tales of tribal rifts, hardships and migrations, filial separation and reunion. But they also chart the impact of modernization and geopolitics, with stories of life under Soviet rule, militarization, nuclear contamination, and the draw of late-20th century urbanization. Above all, these are stories of fortitude, wit and ingenuity in the face of adversity, laced with folk wisdom; indeed, the anthology is an indispensable repository of Kazakh aphorisms and there are helpful footnotes providing historical and cultural context. This wonderful anthology brings us closer together, cultivating friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of Kazakhstan and the rest of the world. As such, it is to be hoped that this anthology is not a destination, but a vital first step on a journey for English-speaking readers into Kazakh literature, a tantalizing glimpse of what is to come. -- Foreword / Sir Ciarán Devane. 
505 0 0 |t Bojtu̇mar /  |r Sherkhan Murtaza --  |t Retribution /  |r Akim Tarazi --  |t A quiet autumn /  |r Kalikhan Yskak --  |t The smell of wormwood /  |r Sayin Muratbekov --  |t A beggar man /  |r Kabdesh Zhumadilov --  |t The old man /  |r Askar Suleimenov --  |t Lucky tortoise grass /  |r Abish Kekilbaiuly --  |t By the wayside /  |r Sabit Dosanov --  |t Death of a Borzoi /  |r Mukhtar Magauin --  |t Death of a soul /  |r Bexultan Nurzhekeyev --  |t The song /  |r Sofy Smatayev --  |t The battlefield of sanity /  |r Tolen Abdik --  |t Old friends /  |r Kazhygali Mukhanbetkaliuly --  |t Growing pains /  |r Dulat Isabekov --  |t Kerbu̇ġy /  |r Oralkhan Bokey --  |t The Kazakhs of Hamburg /  |r Marhabat Baigut --  |t Gift for the grandson /  |r Smagul Yelubay --  |t Grandmother's samovar /  |r Didakhmet Ashimkhanuly --  |t Waking dream /  |r Jumabay Shashtaiuly --  |t Mona Lisa /  |r Alibek Askarov --  |t The old kùjši /  |r Talasbek Asemkulov --  |t Heavenly white butterflies /  |r Rakhimzhan Otarbayev --  |t The mirror shrine /  |r Tursynzhan Shapay --  |t The nest of the white cranes /  |r Nurgali Oraz --  |t Art /  |r Zhussipbek Korgasbek --  |t The image of the eternal child /  |r Roza Mukanova --  |t Kôkenaj and Ķalķaman /  |r Aigul Kemelbayeva --  |t Your cherished eyes /  |r Didar Amantai --  |t Pygmalion in the backwoods /  |r Dauren Quat --  |t Riding a tortoise /  |r Yuriy Serebryansky. 
650 0 |a Kazakh prose literature  |y 20th century  |v Translations into English. 
650 0 |a Kazakh prose literature  |y 21st century  |v Translations into English. 
650 0 |a Authors, Kazakh  |y 20th century  |v Biography. 
710 1 |a Kazakhstan.  |b Mădeniet, aqparat zhăne sport ministrlīgī,  |e commissioning body. 
710 2 |a Cambridge University Press,  |e publisher. 
710 2 |a National Bureau of Translations (Kazakhstan),  |e publisher. 
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880 1 |6 264-01  |a Kazakhstan :  |b Ұлттық аудармалар бюросының қоғамдық қоры (Public Foundation National Bureau of Translations) ;  |a [Cambridge, England] :  |b Cambridge University Press,  |c 2019.