Paradox of power : the logics of state weakness in Eurasia

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Full title: Paradox of power : the logics of state weakness in Eurasia / edited by John Heathershaw and Edward Schatz.
Other authors: Heathershaw, John, (Editor)
Schatz, Edward, (Editor)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • The logics of state weakness in Eurasia / John Heathershaw and Edward Schatz
  • Consolidating a weak state after civil war : a Tajik fable / Jesse Driscoll
  • Power, peripheries, and pyramids in post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan and Georgia / Scott Radnitz
  • Organized crime and the state in post-Soviet Eurasia / Alexander Kupatadze
  • License to seek rents : "corruption" as a method of post-Soviet governance / Johan Engvall
  • Punishment and state-building in post-Soviet Georgia / Gavin Slade
  • The international state : comparing statehood in Central Asia and sub-Saharan Africa / Klaus Schlichte
  • The contested state in post-Soviet Armenia / David Lewis
  • The post-soviet myth of the strong state in Russia / Stefanie Ortmann
  • Adjudicating sovereignty : from state weakness to improvisation / Alex Jeffrey
  • The taming of the sacred : how "weak" state structures regulate religion in Uzbekistan / Alisher Khamidov
  • Cracks in the system : what the Zhanaozen incident says about regime performance in Kazakhstan / Elena Maltseva
  • Anarchy, the state, and Ukraine / Paul D'Anieri
  • The Ashar-state : communal commitment and state elicitation in rural Kyrgyzstan / Madeleine Reeves
  • Beyond the neo-Weberian yardstick? : thinking of the state in multiple registers / Mark R. Beissinger.