Whither China? : restarting the reform agenda

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Full title: Whither China? : restarting the reform agenda / Wu Jinglian and Ma Guochuan ; translated by Xiaofeng Hua and Nancy Hearst.
Alternative titles: Chong qi gai ge yi cheng. English
Main Authors: Wu, Jinglian, 1930- (Author)
, Ma, Guochuan, (Author)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • "Whither China?" in a new context
  • Why should the Soviet-type economic system be reformed?
  • The initial emergence of reform in 1956
  • Reforms of the economic administration system during the Maoist era
  • The failure of state-owned enterprise reforms under market socialism
  • Rural household contracting leads to the incremental reform strategy
  • The sudden rise of the private sector
  • Opening to the world : a driver of domestic reform
  • The role of the "dual-track" system and its consequences
  • Overall promotion of reform : a new phase
  • Redefining property rights
  • Financial institutions
  • Returning to public finance
  • The long and bumpy road to a social-security system
  • Economic fluctuations and macroeconomic policies
  • Unfinished market-oriented reforms
  • Without political reform, economic reform will not succeed
  • Difficulties in shifting the growth model
  • Why did China become a rent-seeking society?
  • Restarting the reform agenda.