Sovereign Jews : Israel, Zionism, and Judaism

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Full title: Sovereign Jews : Israel, Zionism, and Judaism / by Yaacov Yadgar.
Main author: Yadgar, Yaacov, (Author)
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Table of Contents:
  • Acknowledgments; Introduction: A Jewish Sovereignty?; A Traditionist Stance; A Plurality of Judaism(s); Structure of the Book; Part One: Religion, Judaism, Tradition; Chapter 1 Religion-The History and Politics of an Ahistorical Concept; A Few Chapters in the History of Religion; A Political Conception of Apolitical Religion; Religion and Colonialism; Religion, Nationalism; Chapter 2 Are Jewish Traditions a Religion?; Judaism in a Protestant Straightjacket; Apolitical Jewish Religion; Mendelssohn: De-Politicizing Judaism; Jewish Religion and the Sovereign State; Religion and Law
  • Law, Tradition, and ScienceJewish "Religion" and the Denominationalization of Jewish Identity; Chapter 3 Tradition as Language and Narrative; Tradition as Antimony to Liberty?; An Alternative Epistemology; Tradition as Language; Tradition as Narrative; So, What Do These Analogies Point At?; Part Two: Zionism and Jewish Traditions; Chapter 4 Zionism, Jewish "Religion," and Secularism; Religion, Secularization, and the Nation-State: The Zionist Narrative; A Zionist Revision: Modern but Not Exactly "Secular"; The Persistence of the Secularization Narrative
  • Zionist Ideology and the Invention of Jewish "Religion"Chapter 5 Zionism and Jewish Traditions; "Judaism as Culture" versus a Nietzschean Rebellion Against Tradition; Aḥad Ha'am: "Secularization" or a "National Theology"?; A Universal Secularization in a Jewish Guise; Secularization, Ethics, and Myth; A National Theology; Aḥad Ha'am's Conception of Religion and Tradition; The Meaning of Secularity; Judaism as Culture; Religious and Secular People; Secularism as a Rebellion Against Tradition: Micha Yosef Berdyczewski; Is a Rebellion Against Nature Possible?; Tradition and Liberty
  • Past and PresentBody and Spirit; Between Rebellion and National Duty; A Rebellion Born from Intimate Familiarity; Chapter 6 Main Zionist Streams and Jewish Traditions; Socialist-Zionism: "Crypto-Religious," "Crypto-Secular," or Otherwise?; Naḥman Syrkin: A New Religion; Yitzḥak El'azari-Volcani: Anti-Theology?; Blood, Identity, and Tradition; Nationalist Theology; Brenner and "Radical Secularism"; Tradition, the Sovereignty of the Individual, and "National Consciousness"; "Jews" and "Jewishness"; Secularist Radicalism and Jewish "Ambivalence"; Assimilation and "Religion"
  • Secularism, Hebrewism, Exile, and the Negation of the OtherJacob Klatzkin: Secularist Radicalism and Statist Sovereignty; Socialist-Zionism in Palestine and Jewish Traditions; Radically Secularist, Yet Not Absolutely Secular; Not a Paradox, but a Misguided Conceptual Framework; "Confrontation" with Tradition, Form, and Content; Religious-Zionism: A National Movement; Religion, Fundamentalism, and Nationalism: A Delicate Balance?; Religious-Zionism Beyond the Secularist Dichotomies; Revisionist-Zionism: The Nationalization of Jewish Traditions