Black, listed : black British culture explored

Level E A305.896 /749258 Available
Full title: Black, listed : black British culture explored / Jeffrey Boakye.
Main author: Boakye, Jeffrey, (Author)
Format: Book           

Summary: Who is a roadman really? What's wrong with calling someone a 'lighty'? Why do people think black guys are cool? These are just some of the questions being wrestled with in 'Black, Listed', an exploration of 21st century black identity told through a list of insults, insights, and everything in-between. Taking a panoramic look at global black history, interrogating both contemporary and historical culture, 'Black, Listed' investigates the ways in which black communities (and individuals) have been represented, oppressed, mimicked, celebrated, and othered. Part historical study, part autobiographical musing, part pop culture vivisection, it's a comprehensive attempt to make sense of blackness from the vantage point of the hilarious and insightful psyche of Jeffrey Boakye.
Language: English
Published: London : Dialogue Books, 2019.
Classmark: A305.896 /749258
Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references (pages 397-400).
ISBN: 9780349700557