The Seleukid Empire, 281-222 BC : war within the family

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Full title: The Seleukid Empire, 281-222 BC : war within the family / edited by Kyle Erickson.
Other authors: Erickson, Kyle, (Editor, Contributor)
Mitchell, Stephen, 1948- (Contributor)
McAuley, Alex, (Contributor)
D'Agostini, Monica, (Contributor)
Wright, Nicholas L., (Contributor)
Holton, John Russell, (Contributor)
Strootman, Rolf, (Contributor)
Wenghofer, Richard, (Contributor)
Engels, David, (Contributor)
Coşkun, Altay, (Contributor)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction / Kyle Erickson
  • Dispelling Seleukid phantoms : Macedonians in western Asia Minor from Alexander to the Attalids / Stephen Mitchell
  • The House of Achaios : reconstructing an early client dynasty of Seleukid Anatolia / Alex McAuley
  • Asia Minor and the many shades of a civil war. Observations on Achaios the Younger and his claim to the kingdom of Anatolia / Monica D'Agostini
  • Seleukos, Zeus and the dynastic cult at Seleukia in Pieria / Nicholas L. Wright
  • The ideology of Seleukid joint kingship : the case of Seleokos, son on Antiochus I / John Russell Holton
  • The coming of ther Parthians : crisis and resilience in the reign of Seleukos II / Rolf Strootman
  • Rethinking the relationship between Hellenistic Baktria and ther Seleukid Empire / Richard Wenghofer
  • Iranian identity and Seleukid allegiance : Vahbarz, the Fratraka and early Arsakid coinage / David Engels
  • The War of Brothers: the Third Syrian War, and the Battle of Ankyra (246-241 BC): a re-appraisal / Altay Coşkun
  • Antiochos Soter and the Third Syrian War / Kyle Erickson.