Extremisms in Africa

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Full title: Extremisms in Africa / edited by Alain Tschudin, Stephen Buchanan-Clarke [and others].
Other authors: Tschudin, Alain, (Editor)
Buchanan-Clarke, Stephen, (Editor)
Format: Book           

Summary: Globally, it is recognized that a straight line exists between poor governance, transnational crime and extremist threats to stability and security. As UN Secretary General António Guterres puts it: "I am convinced that the creation of open, equitable, inclusive and pluralist societies, based on the full respect of human rights and with economic opportunities for all, represents the most tangible and meaningful alternative to violent extremism." Extremisms in Africa challenges both the efficacy and wisdom of purely militarizsed responses to extremist movements, typified by the Global War on Terror, as well as the cursory replication of international counter-terrorism frameworks promulgated by the United Nations and European Union in Africa. Emphasis is given to the importance of understanding local history, culture, regional geopolitics, among a variety of context-specific factors, to truly understand and thereby effectively address the emergence and spread of extremisms in Africa. As such, it draws on contributions from a range of thematic and regional experts, including security-sector specialists, conflict analysts, journalists, international relations and governance specialists, political scientists, social anthropologists, psychologists and theologians. A diverse range of extremist movements on the continent are examined, from radicalized religious groupings to race-based organizations. These case studies provide in-depth insight into answering why and how these movements came to be, while thematic chapters address issues pertinent to addressing them, such as public perceptions of extremism, methods of recruitment and radicalization among marginalized communities, supporting survivors of extremism and former combatants, strategic approaches to counter-terrorism, the role of governance. This is an introductory anthology and the first of its kind on this topic to be authored from - and published off - the African continent--Publisher's website.
Other authors: Tschudin, Alain, (Editor), Buchanan-Clarke, Stephen, (Editor)
Language: English
Published: Auckland Park, South Africa : Fanele, an imprint of Jacana Media (Pty) Limited ; 2018.
Classmark: U363.325 /532740
Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN: 9781928232612