The governance of China. Volume II

Level C CC335.4345 /749013 Available
Full title: The governance of China. Volume II / Xi Jinping.
Alternative titles: Xi Jinping tan zhi guo li zheng. English
China Academic Journals - Agriculture (Series D) - Chinese.
Main author: Xi, Jinping. (author.)
Format: Book           
Edition: First edition.

Summary: Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held in 2012, the Central Committee with Xi Jinping as general secretary has led the whole Party and the people of China in the drive to realize the Two Centenary Goals and the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation. In pursuit of these goals the country has upheld and developed socialism with Chinese characteristics, advanced the Five-point Strategy and the Four-pronged Strategy in a coordinated and integrated manner, and achieved historic progress in reform and opening up and socialist modernization. We have braved new challenges, blazed new trails, resolved long-standing and complex problems, realized long-sought objectives, championed the causes of the CPC and the country, and brought Chinese socialism to the threshold of a new era.
Language: English
Published: Beijing, China : Foreign Languages Press, 2017.
Classmark: CC335.4345 /749013
ISBN: 9787119111643