God in the Qur'an

God in the Qur�an /

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Full title: God in the Qur'an / Jack Miles.
God in the Qur�an / Jack Miles.
Main author: Miles, Jack, 1942- (Author)
Format: Book           
Edition: First edition.

Physical Description: 241 pages ; 24 cm
Summary: Who is Allah? What makes Him unique? And what does He ask of those who submit to His teachings? The God of the Qur'an revises and perfects: His purpose is to make whole what had been corrupted or lost from the practices and scriptures of the earlier Abrahamic religions. Setting passages from the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Qur'an side by side, Miles illuminates what is unique about Allah, His teachings and His temperament, and in doing so revises that which is false, distorted, or simply absent from our conception of the heart of Islam. -- adapted from jacket