Judaism : the geneaology of a modern nation

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Full title: Judaism : the geneaology of a modern nation / Daniel Boyarin.
Main author: Boyarin, Daniel, (Author)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Preface: What are we talking about when we talk about "Judaism"?
  • Part 1: The terms of the debate
  • Chapter 1. Debate of the terms
  • Part 2: The state of the lexicon: questioning the archive
  • Chapter 2. Jewry without Judaism: the stakes of the question
  • Chapter 3. Getting medieval Yahadut
  • Part 3: A new dispensation: the Christian invention of "Judaism"
  • Chapter 4: "Judaism" out of the entrails of Christianity
  • Chapter 5. From Yiddishkayt to Judentum; from Judentum to Yahadut; or philology and the transformation of a folk.