Medieval Latin lives of Muhammad

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Full title: Medieval Latin lives of Muhammad / edited and translated by Julian Yolles and Jessica Weiss.
Other authors: Yolles, Julian, (Editor, Translator)
Weiss, Jessica (Translator of Medieval Latin lives of Muhammad), (Editor, Translator)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Historia de Mohamet = History of Muhammad
  • Tultusceptru de libro Domini Metobii = Tultusceptru, from the Book of Lord Metobius
  • Theophanis Chronographia = Chronicle of Theophanes /
  • Anastasius the Librarian
  • Vita Mahumeti = Life of Muhammad /
  • Embrico of Mainz
  • Otia de Machomete = Poetic pastimes on Muhammad /
  • Walter of Compiègne
  • Life of Muhammad /
  • Adelphus
  • Apology of al-Kindi
  • Liber Nycholay = Book of Nicholas
  • Qualiter iniquus Mahometus venit et a quibus et quo modo processit = Where Wicked Muhammad came from and among whom and how he rose to prominence.