Christianity and the modern woman in East Asia

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Full title: Christianity and the modern woman in East Asia / edited by Garrett L. Washington.
Other authors: Washington, Garrett (Editor)
Format: Book           

Physical Description: x, 253 pages ; 25 cm.
Summary: "This edited volume explores the complex roles that Christian ideas and institutions played in the construction of modern womanhood in East Asia. While contributing to gender dynamics that disprivileged women in China, Japan, and Korea, Christianity was also instrumental in women's efforts to empower themselves and participate in the public sphere. Many literate East Asian women mobilized Christian beliefs, knowledge, institutions, and networks to raise the profile of "The Woman Question," frame the contours of the related debate, and craft original responses. These chapters examine East Asian women who were markedly influenced by Christianity as students, trainees, educators, professionals, and activists. Using their increased visibility and resources, they addressed the dilemmas and promises of modernity for women in their countries"--