Reorienting Ozu : a master and his influence

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Full title: Reorienting Ozu : a master and his influence / edited by Jinhee Choi.
Other authors: Choi, Jinhee, (editor.)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction / Jinhee Choi
  • Branding ozu. Watch again! look well! look! / David Bordwell
  • Ozu, the ineffable? / Darrell W Davis
  • Ozu to Asia via Hasumi / Aaron Gerow
  • A dialogue with "memory" in Hou Hsiao Hhsien's Café lumière / Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano
  • Ozuesque as a sensibility: or on the notion of influence / Jinhee Choi
  • Historicizing Ozu. A new form of silent cinema: intertitles and interlocutions in Ozu Yasujiro's late silent films / Michael Raine
  • Ozu and the aesthetics of shadow: lighting and cinematography in There was a father (Chichi ariki, 1942) / Daisuke Miyao
  • Modernity, shoshimin films and the proletarian-film movement: Ozu in dialogue with Vertov / Yuki Takinami
  • Laughing in the shadows of empire: humor in Ozu's Brothers and sisters of the Toda family / Junji Yoshida
  • Tracing ozu. Autumn afternoons: negotiating the ghost of Ozu in Iguchi Nami's Dogs and cats / Adam Bingham
  • Playing the holes: notes on the Ozuesque gags / Manuel Garin & Albert Elduque
  • Rhythm, texture, moods: Ozu Yasujiro, Claire Denis and a vision of a post-colonial aesthetic / Kate Taylor-Jones
  • Wenders travels with Ozu / Mark Betz
  • Look? optical / Sound Situations and Interpretation: Ozu (Deleuze) Kiarostami / David Deamer
  • Sparse or slow: Ozu and Joanna Hogg / William Brown.