America and the Asian revolutions

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Full title: America and the Asian revolutions / edited by Robert Jay Lifton
Main author: Lifton, Robert Jay, 1926- (compiler.)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction, by R.J. Lifton.
  • America in Vietnam: the circle of deception, by R.J. Lifton.
  • Vietnam war stories, by M. Polner.
  • Hawks, doves, and the press, by N.W. Polsby.
  • Vietnam and American elections, by R.A. Brody.
  • The President, the polls, and Vietnam, by S.M. Lipset.
  • American aid is damaging Thai society, by L.M. Hanks.
  • Mao and the death of the revolution, by R.J. Lifton.
  • The Red Guard, by A.W. Gouldner and I.L. Horowitz.