Assyromania and more : in memory of Samuel M. Paley

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Full title: Assyromania and more : in memory of Samuel M. Paley / edited by Friedhelm Pedde and Nathanael Shelley.
Other authors: Pedde, Friedhelm, (Editor)
Shelley, Nathanael, (Editor)
Paley, Samuel Michael, 1941- (honouree.)
Format: Book           

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245 0 0 |a Assyromania and more :  |b in memory of Samuel M. Paley /  |c edited by Friedhelm Pedde and Nathanael Shelley. 
264 1 |a Münster :  |b Zaphon,  |c 2018 
300 |a xxii, 494 pages :  |b illustrations, maps, plans, music ;  |c 31 cm 
336 |a text  |b txt  |2 rdacontent 
337 |a unmediated  |b n  |2 rdamedia 
338 |a volume  |b nc  |2 rdacarrier 
490 1 |a Marru.  |v Band 4 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0 0 |t Cyprus, Israel and Turkey.  |t Speculations on the Original Function of Phlamoudhi-Vounari /  |r Allan S. Gilbert / Ian J. Cohn --  |t Exploring Regional Development in Late Bronze I Cyprus: Phlamoudhi-Vounari and the Karpass Peninsula /  |r Mara T. Horowitz --  |t Looking for Leucolla /  |r Robert R. Stieglitz --  |t Children and Bangles in the Late Second-Millennium B.C.E. Southern Levant /  |r Susan L. Braunstein --  |t Working with Sam: From New York City to Tel el Ifshar, Ashurnasirpal II's Northwest Palace, Alişar Höyük, and Beyond /  |r Alison B. Snyder --  |t Sam Paley at Çadır Höyük 1993-2008: Excavating the Second Millennium BCE /  |r Sharon R. Steadman and Gregory McMahon --  |t Seyitömer Mound Excavations /  |r A. Nejat Bilgen --  |t Economy and Power: Achaemenid Influence on Regional Economies in Western Anatolia /  |r Lisa Kealhofer, Peter Grave, and A. Nejat Bilgen --  |t Megaron 3: The 8th/Early 7th Century B.C. Palace of the Phrygian Kings at Gordion /  |r Oscar White Muscarella --  |t Reconsidering the Position of Mt. Puškurunuwa and Other Issues of Central Anatolian Geography /  |r Ronald L. Gorny.  |t Assyria and Assyromania.  |t From Cyprus to Assyria: Earrings in Middle Assyrian Assur: A Connection to the West /  |r Friedhelm Pedde --  |t Tell Billa's Bull Pendant: A Connection to Middle Assyrian Assur /  |r Reed Charles Goodman --  |t Representing Cities in Syro-Anatolian and Neo-Assyrian Art /  |r James F. Osborne --  |t Timing Space/Spacing Time: Narrative Principles in Assurbanipal Hunt Reliefs of Room C in the North Palace of Nineveh /  |r Davide Nadali --  |t The Assur Project in Berlin: A Look Back at Twenty Years of Research /  |r Friedhelm Pedde --  |t In Pursuit of the "Missing" Central Palace of Tiglathpileser III at Nimrud /  |r Julian Edgeworth Reade and Donald H. Sanders.  |t Archaeology and New Techniques.  |t Recreating Ancient Architecture for Museum Exhibitions /  |r Joanna S. Smith --  |t A 3D Visualization of the Ancient Built Environment of Seyitömer Höyük, Turkey /  |r Laura K. Harrison and Aycan Gürbüz --  |t Some useful Graphical Computer Techniques for Old Archaeology with New Techniques /  |r Willem Beex.  |t Iconography, Seals and Inscriptions.  |t King/Man in a (War) Cart: Intercultural Theme or Appropiated Image? /  |r Holly Pittman --  |t On the Birth of Early Achaemenid Monumental Art at Pasargadae /  |r David Stronach --  |t Objects of Anatolian Origin in the Buffalo Museum of Science /  |r Elif Genç --  |t A Seal for Sam: A Neo-Assyrian Cylinder Seal from Halieis, Greece /  |r Bradley A. Ault --  |t Preliminary Remarks on an Achaemenid Seal with a Phrygian Inscription /  |r Judith A. Lerner --  |t Linear B o-pi-ti-ni-ja-ta, Homeric hepitimītōr and Labiovelar Palatalization /  |r Roger D. Woodard.  |t Jewish Studies.  |t My Memories of Dr. Samuel Paley, Teacher, Leader and Friend /  |r Sophia R. Balderman --  |t Circumcision and Epispasm: The Myth of the "Jewish Weight" /  |r Friedrich T. Schipper.  |t Modern Reception.  |t The "New Babylon": New York Architecture in the 1920s and Early 1930s /  |r Brigitte Pedde --  |t The Use and Abuse of Ancient Near Eastern Art and Architecture in Modern and Contemporary Culture: Between Memory and Fake Tradition /  |r Maria Gabriella Micale --  |t Gilgamesh in Modern Art: The German Painter Willi Baumeister and the Ancient Near East /  |r Brigitte Pedde.  |t Contemporary History and Archaeological Heritage.  |t Protest and Protection: William Dinsmoor's War /  |r Stephen L. Dyson --  |t S.A.F.E. Nimrud: CHNT featuring Samuel M. Paley (2003-2009) /  |r Wolfgang Börner --  |t Archaeological Heritage: A Human Right /  |r Ezra B.W. Zubrow --  |t Dreams in Sound /  |r Martha Mooke. 
520 8 |a Mehr als 30 Beiträge sind dem Archäologen Samuel M. Paley (1941-2010) gewidmet. Die Studien beschäftigen sich mit der Archäologie Zyperns, Israels, Syriens, der Türkei, Irans und des Iraks sowie mit archäologischen Methoden und Techniken.0Schwerpunkte bilden auch Siegel und ihre Ikonographie und die moderne Rezeption des Alten Orients. 
600 1 0 |a Paley, Samuel Michael,  |d 1941- 
650 0 |a Civilization, Assyro-Babylonian. 
650 0 |a Cuneiform inscriptions. 
650 0 |a Excavations (Archaeology)  |z Middle East. 
651 0 |a Middle East  |x Civilization. 
651 0 |a Middle East  |x Antiquities. 
700 1 |a Pedde, Friedhelm,  |e editor. 
700 1 |a Shelley, Nathanael,  |e editor. 
700 1 |a Paley, Samuel Michael,  |d 1941-  |e honouree. 
830 0 |a Marru. ;  |v 4. 
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