Empires and exchanges in Eurasian late antiquity : Rome, China, Iran, and the steppe, ca. 250-750

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Full title: Empires and exchanges in Eurasian late antiquity : Rome, China, Iran, and the steppe, ca. 250-750 / edited by Nicola Di Cosmo, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, Michael Maas, Rice University.
Other authors: Di Cosmo, Nicola, 1957- (Editor)
Maas, Michael, 1951- (Editor)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction / Nicola Di Cosmo and Michael Maas
  • part 1. Historical thresholds
  • How the steppes became Byzantine : Rome and the Eurasian nomads in historical perspective / Michael Maas
  • The relations between China and the steppe from the Xiongnu to the Turk Empire / Nicola Di Cosmo
  • Sasanian Iran and the projection of power in late antique Eurasia : competing cosmologies and topographies of power / Matthew P. Canepa
  • Trade and exchanges along the Silk and steppe routes in late antique Eurasia / Richard Lim
  • Sogdian merchants and Sogdian culture on the Silk Road / Rong Xinjiang
  • "Charismatic" goods : commerce, diplomacy, and cultural contacts along the Silk Road in late antiquity / Peter Brown
  • The synthesis of the Tang Dynasty : the culmination of China's contacts and communication with Eurasia, 310-755 CE / Valerie Hansen
  • Central Asia in the late Roman mental map, second to sixth centuries / Giusto Traina
  • part 2. Movements, contacts, and exchanges
  • Genetic history and migrations in western Eurasia, 500-1000 / Patrick J. Geary
  • Northern invaders : migration and conquest as scholarly topos in Eurasian history / Michael KulikowsKi
  • Chinese and inner Asian perspectives on the history of the Northern Dynasties (386-589 CE) in Chinese historiography / Luo Xin
  • Xiongnu and Huns : archaeological perspectives on a centuries-old debate about identity and migration / Ursula Brosseder
  • Ethnicity and empire in the western Eurasian steppes / Walter Pohl
  • The languages of Christianity on the Silk Roads and the transmission of Mediterranean culture into Central Asia / Scott Fitzgerald Johnson
  • The spread of Buddhist culture to China between the third and seventh century / Max Deeg
  • The circulation of astrological lore and its political use between the Roman East, Sasanian Iran, Central Asia, and the Turks / Frantz Grenet
  • Luminous markers : pearls and royal authority in late antique Iran and Eurasia / Joel Walker
  • part 3. Empires, diplomacy, and frontiers
  • Byzantium's Eurasian policy in the age of the Turk Empire / Mark Whittow
  • Sasanian Iran and Its northeastern frontier : offense, defense, and diplomatic entente / Daniel T. Potts
  • Infrastructures of legitimacy in inner Asia : the early Turk empires / Michael R. Drompp
  • The stateless nomads of central Eurasia / Peter B. Golden
  • Aspects of elite representation among the sixth- to seventh-century Turks / Soren Stark
  • Patterns of Roman diplomacy with Iran and the steppe peoples / Ekaterina Nechaeva
  • Collapse of a Eurasian hybrid : the case of the Northern Wei / Andrew Eisenberg
  • Ideological interweaving in eastern Eurasia : simultaneous kingship and dynastic competition, 580-755 / Jonathan Karam Skaff
  • Followers and leaders in northeastern Eurasia, ca. seventh to tenth centuries / Naomi Standen
  • Epilogue / Averil Cameron.