Historical sociology of international relations

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Full title: Historical sociology of international relations / edited by Stephen Hobden and John M. Hobson.
Alternative titles: Historical sociology and international relations
Other authors: Hobden, Stephen, 1956-
Hobson, John M.
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: What's at stake in 'bringing historical sociology back into international relations' / John M. Hobson
  • Historical sociology: back to the future of international relations / Stephen Hobden
  • Historical Sociologies of International Relations
  • The two waves of Weberian historical sociology in international relations / John M. Hobson
  • Globality and historical sociology: state, revolution and war revisited / Martin Shaw
  • Historical sociology and constructivism: an estranged past, a federated future / Michael Barnett
  • The idea of history and history with ideas / Christian Reus-Smit
  • World system analysis, historical sociology and international relations: the difference a hyphen makes / Barry K. Gills
  • Towards a critical sociology of transnational harm / Andrew Linklater
  • Critical historical materialism and international law: imagining international law as praxis / A. Claire Cutler
  • International systems in world history: remaking the study of international relations / Barry Buzan and Richard Little
  • Conclusion: The Future of Historical Sociology in International Relations
  • Historical sociology and international relations theory / Steve Smith
  • For an international sociology / Fred Halliday
  • On the road toward a historicised world sociology / John M. Hobson and Stephen Hobden.