Knot of the soul : madness, psychoanalysis, Islam

Level D UY297 /534386 Available
Level D UY297 /534386 Available
Full title: Knot of the soul : madness, psychoanalysis, Islam / Stefania Pandolfo.
Main author: Pandolfo, Stefania, (Author)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Psychiatric fragments in the aftermath of culture. Testimony in counterpoint ; The hospital ; The jinn and the pictogram ; The knot of the soul
  • Interlude. islam and the ethics of psychoanalysis
  • The passage: imagination, alienation. Taʻbīr: figuration and the torment of life
  • The burning
  • The jurisprudence of the soul
  • Overture: the vertigo of history
  • Faqīh al-nafs: the jurist of the soul
  • Shariʻa healing: "knowledge of the path to the hereafter"
  • Prophetic medicine and the ruqiya
  • The jouissance of the jinn
  • The psychiatrist and the imam
  • Black bile and the intractable jinn: threshold of the inorganic
  • The argument of shirk (idolatry)
  • Extimacy: the battlefield of the nafs
  • The writing of the soul: soul choking, imagination, and pain
  • Concluding movement: the passion of Zulikha, theater of the soul.