From Sasanian Mandaeans to Ṣābians of the marshes

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Full title: From Sasanian Mandaeans to Ṣābians of the marshes / by Kevin T. Van Bladel.
Main author: Van Bladel, Kevin Thomas, (Author)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • Early contacts between Arab Muslims and Aramaean Mandaeans and the date of Zazay
  • Theodore Bar Konay's account of Mandaean origins (circa 792)
  • Three sixth-century references to Mandaeans by name in text : "Syriac references"
  • On the Kentaeans and their relationship with the Mandaeans
  • The account of al-Hasan ibn Bahlul (Bar Bahlul), second half of tenth century
  • Identifying Abu Ali
  • The marshes of the Ṣābians
  • Other reports on the Mandaeans after Abu Ali
  • Back to the question of origins
  • Pre-Mandaean Naoraeans
  • The religious environment of Sasanian Iraq
  • Mandaeism as a changing tradition
  • Appendix 1. Bar Konay on the Kentaeans, Dostaeans, and Nerigaeans, in English
  • Appendix 2. Ibn Wasiya on Aramaic dialects.