The late antique world of early Islam : Muslims among Christians and Jews in the East Mediterranean

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Full title: The late antique world of early Islam : Muslims among Christians and Jews in the East Mediterranean / edited by Robert G. Hoyland.
Other authors: Hoyland, Robert G., 1966- (Editor)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • I.
  • Social groups.
  • Minority representation in the Futūḥ Miṣr of Ibn ʻAbd al-Hakam: origins and roles /
  • Edward Coghill
  • Greek as a minority language in early Islamic Egypt /
  • Janneke De Jong and Alain Delattre
  • Christian women in Muslim Egypt: a public minority /
  • Gesa Schenke.
  • II.
  • Law.
  • The scholiasts speak: how middle Byzantine jurists construed the legal status of Jews /
  • Zachary Chitwood
  • Christian and Jewish communities in Fusṭāṭ: non-Muslim topography and legal controversies in the pre-Fatimid period /
  • Audrey Dridi
  • Dispensing justice in a minority context: the judicial administrtion of upper Egypt under Muslim rule in the early eighth century /
  • Mathieu Tillier
  • Polygyny and east Syrian law: local practices and ecclesiastical tradition /
  • Lev Weitz.
  • III.
  • Material culture.
  • Tracing influences in Mozarabic material culture: building technology in 8-10th century Hispanic churches /
  • Isaac Sastre de Diego and María Ángeles Utrero
  • The monasteries of the Wādī al-Naṭrūn between Alexandria and Fusṭāṭ: a long transition viewed from the pottery (sixth to tenth centuries) /
  • Alexandra Konstantinidou
  • Paris Syr. 341 and its illustrations /
  • Maja Kominko.
  • IV.
  • Theology and practice.
  • Anastasius of Sinai and Chalcedonian Christian lay piety in the early Islamic Near East /
  • Nicholas Marinides
  • Portraying early Islam as the milla of Abraham: a look at the tafsīr evidence /
  • Jacob Olidort
  • Monasticism in early Islamic Palestine: contours of debate /
  • Daniel Reynolds
  • Islamic legends about the birth monasticism: a case study on the late antique milieu of the Qur'ān and Tafsīr /
  • Christian C. Sahner
  • The Syriac baptism of St John: a Christian ritual of protection for Muslim children /
  • David G.K. Taylor.