Japanese fashion : a cultural history

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Full title: Japanese fashion : a cultural history / Toby Slade.
Main author: Slade, Toby.
Format: Book           
Edition: English ed.

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: modernity, fashion and Japan : Modernity ; Global fashions and national cultures
  • Japanese clothes: events and tendencies : Sartorial modernity ; Nakedness and covering it ; Decency ; Foundational choices: Yōga and Nihonga ; 'Westernization' and Japanese fashion ; Consumption
  • Japanese menswear: masculinity and sartorial statecraft : Uniforms and the state ; Suits: modern and classic masculinity ; The suit in Europe and America ; Embourgeoisement and civilized centre ; The Japanese suit ; The Rokumeikan
  • Japanese womenswear: femininity and modernity : Taishō decadence and the Moga ; Sportswear, swimwear and movement ; Cosmetics and substance ; Hairstyles: the first experiments ; Kimono reform and traditional identity ; Time
  • Conclusions: a theory of costume for Japanese modernity : the economics of aesthetics ; The recurring problems of fashion ; Functional explanations ; Meaning and identity in fashion ; The struggle for status in fashion ; The economics of fashion ; Fashion as communication ; Dynamic theories of fashion ; Diffusion in fashion ; Cyclic fashion ; Erotics in fashion ; The Zeitgeist in fashion ; Fashion as aesthetics.