Issues of contemporary art and aesthetics in Chinese context

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Full title: Issues of contemporary art and aesthetics in Chinese context / Eva Kit Wah Man.
Main author: Wen, Jiehua, (Author)
Format: Book           

Table of Contents:
  • What is an author? a comparative study of Søren Kierkegaard and Liu Xie on the meanings of writing
  • Rethinking art and values : a comparative revelation of the origin of aesthetic experience (from the Neo-Confucian perspectives)
  • Contemporary philosophical aesthetics in China : the relation between subject and object
  • Some reflections on Confucian aesthetics and its feminist modalities
  • Metaphysics, corporeality and visuality : a developmental and comparative review of the discourses on Chinese ink painting
  • Experimental painting and painting theories in colonial Hong Kong (1940-1980) : reflections on cultural identity
  • The notion of "orientalism" in the modernization movement of Chinese painting of Hong Kong artists in 1960s : the case of Hon Chi-Fun
  • Some reflections on "feminist aesthetics" : private/public? personal/political? gender/PostColonial? - the case of women art in PostColonial Hong Kong in 1990s
  • A museum of hybridity : the history of the display of art in the public museum of Hong Kong and its implications for cultural identities
  • The trinity of "Hong Kong-China-the world" : the battle of cultural identities as a form of hegemony in art in postcolonial Hong Kong (since 1990s)
  • Hong Kong pavilion at the Venice Biennale as method : the case of Lee Kit
  • Influence of global aesthetics on Chinese aesthetics : the adaptation of Moxie and the case of Dafen Cun.