Jewish Religious and Philosophical Ethics.

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Full title: Jewish Religious and Philosophical Ethics.
Main author: Hutt, Curtis.
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Other authors: Kim, Halla.
Lerner, Berel Dov.
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Edition: 1st ed.
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Table of Contents:
  • "Cover"
  • "Title"
  • "Copyright"
  • "Dedication"
  • "Contents"
  • "Notes on contributors"
  • "Foreword"
  • "Introduction"
  • "PART I Rabbinics"
  • "1 Angels vs. humans in the moral psychology of R. Meir Simhah Ha-Kohen of Dvinsk"
  • "2 Angels, humans, and the struggle for moral excellence in the writings of Meir Simhah of Dvinsk and Simhah Zissel of Kelm"
  • "3 Wise hukkim and the Byzantine sermonic ideology of a Divine fiat"
  • "PART II Philosophy"
  • "4 Is Maimonides a moral relativist?"
  • "5 Spinoza’s baffling view of biblical morality"
  • "6 Hermann Cohen on the concept of law in ethics"
  • "7 Expressions of caring: relational virtues in Buber’s ethics"
  • "8 Cosmopolitan tolerance and asymmetrical ethics: Adorno, Levinas, Derrida"
  • "PART III Contemporary challenges"
  • "9 Textual morality: on the neglect of ritual in applied Jewish ethics"
  • "10 A critical reading of American liberal Jewish engagement with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict"
  • "11 Afro-Jewish ethics?"
  • "12 Jewish history and memory: historiographical ethics after Yerushalmi’s Zakhor".